Chrono Cross

Kretzschmarmark/ December 31, 2023/ Uncategorized


 Introduction Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, happy holidays, and good tidings. Hopefully, you received some nice gifts, made some nice memories, or got to relax. If not, well, I hope there were some nice opportunities to day-drink. Christmas officially started my transition into the next generation of game consoles as I received a PS5. There are still quite a few

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The Sinking City

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 One of the better Lovecraft games currently available is deeply flawed. If you can look past these issues, you’re in for a fun gaming experience. Introduction: Vote for Cthulhu Fall weather here is bizarre as we just had our first snowfall. While the leaves are changing and I now have to deal with 30-degree temps, let’s review a game! Like

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Fall Cleaning: Some Games to Avoid

Kretzschmarmark/ September 30, 2023/ Uncategorized


 Some Fall Housecleaning “Now we’re into the dregs,” as Principal Skinner might say. Bonjour. It’s my goal to play some spooky games this Halloween season, but I attempted something different for this writeup and reviewed some deleted games from my PS4 to close out September. I honestly can’t tell you when I purchased any of them, but they were taking

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Demon Summoner: Soul Hackers

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 Keeping The Lights On Well, damn. Has it really been 2+ years since my last blog post? I guess it’s time to dust off this Pooh Corner since I’m paying to keep the lights on. There have been quite a few updates since April 2021. First, I’m still teaching and enjoying my courseload. Second, my book, The History and Allure

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PlayStation 3 Games to Buy Before the Digital Store Closes

Kretzschmarmark/ April 11, 2021/ Uncategorized


 4/19/2021 Update: Sony reversed course and will keep the PlayStation Store open. Maybe we’ll eventually get true backward compatibility out of this, but that’s probably way down the road. Downloading the following games is no longer urgent, but keep this page in mind if you have some bucks to spend. Pour One Out for the PS3, PSP, and Vita Most

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Valkyria Chronicles

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 Valkyria Chronicles Digital war is hell, man. Both of my grandpas served in World War II, and I occasionally picked their brains about their service as officers before the Air Force became its own branch. For the most part, they were open about their roles since they never (to the best of my knowledge) experienced frontline combat. One of my

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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 Final Fantasy VII Remake I, uh, guess we’re going to be here for a while… Testing. Testing. Is this thing on? The domain seems to be updated. SSL was recertified. Hey, I even see some comments! Huh. Everything seems to be working properly. Guess we can take the tarp off this site. 2020 turned into quite the ordeal. Suffice it

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Resident Evil 3

Kretzschmarmark/ May 25, 2020/ Uncategorized


 Resident Evil 3 That feeling you have when the other reviewers were right. It was probably obvious in my review of the Resident Evil 2 Remake that I’ve always loved the Resident Evil series. While 4 is my favorite, 2 (or the remake in this case) is my second favorite. That leaves 3, which has always sort of been in

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South Park The Fractured But Whole

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 South Park The Fractured But Whole Spoiler Alert: Sparked joy is related to how much you like South Park. (I know. Shocking.) South Park is so culturally relevant that it is appropriate to say most people have a favorite memory. The show premiered when I was just starting seventh grade, so of course I found stuff like a talking piece

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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Kretzschmarmark/ May 8, 2020/ Uncategorized


  Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter When the backlog becomes intimidating, make someone else play a game for you! Mark’s Note: This guest review is part of a potential series in which I commission games I own to friends who have played them because I probably will never get around to doing so. This first review is by Day Devereux.

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