About Me: Game Studies, Blogging, Music

Hi! I'm Mark! Welcome to my Pooh Corner of game studies, blogging, and music. During the global pandemic, I became a powerlifter and began my lifelong journey to learn Japanese. While working on those goals, I decided to spruce up my website. I am a researcher with a doctorate in video games, media, digital, and humanities research. I've been a fan of gaming ever since I could hold a controller (the NES was my first), and I will talk to general and academic audiences about all video games! I study multiple topics, including agency and control in video games, video game mods, and the history and evolution of video game genres. Generally, I apply these topics to discussions about gamer culture, gamer perceptions of control, philosophy, and game design. I am also a video game collector, but I ran into an issue during grad school because my backlog is out of control. As such, I now run a (new and improved!) blog about an out-of-control gaming backlog. You will also find on this website that I like to play with music gadgets and will occasionally publish DJ sets. Also, if my baseball hat is any indication, I "enjoy" following awful baseball teams.

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DJ Mark